Agile EC 301 Installing and Configuring EC Web Connector
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Installing and Configuring EC Web Connector   安装和配置EC web连接器

 This section describes the common setup procedure for the CAD connectors . This section describes setting up the common connection between your CAD integration and Agile Engineering Collaboration. 

  这节描述一般的CAD连接器安装过程.描述了如何在CAD 集成和Agile 工程协同之间建立连接

  The main setup are:  主要步骤:

        Extract files from Web Connector Client zip file . 从Web连接器压缩文件中解压缩。

        Running the Load Callback Installer .运行加载回调安装. 

        Install the PLM Server Components .   安装PLM 服务器组件。

  The installation requires the following file:   安装需要以下文件  -Main Web Connector Client installation package, where NNNN is the release level . 主要Web连接器安装文件,NNNN是版本号

     Performing the installation steps described here will enable the CAD connector communication to PLM .完成这里描述的安装步骤就可以使CAD连接器和PLM进行通信了。 

  Extracting Files for EC Web Connector for SolidWorks, Inventor 

  Extract the installation file to the folder components of the CAD Connector location , e.g .<Install Directory>\xacw\components.When you unzip , make sure that you retain the folder paths form the zip file and the archive will be extracted into the CAD connector directory .When the file are unzipped , you should see additional folders like jre6 withinxacw\components directory. 解压缩安装文件到CAD 连接器安装位置的components目录下.例如<安装目录>\xacw\comonents.当你压缩的时侯,确保文件夹路径是和压缩包里的一样,并且文件夹都被解压到CAD连接器目录里。当文件被解压完后,你可以看到像jre6 这样的文件夹在xacw\components目录 下。 

 Install the PLM Server Components   安装PLM服务器组件

 Go to the jar/wsx subfolder inside the CAD connector installation folder and copy the contained files into the WSX extensions folder (for example \Agile\Agile93\integration\sdk\extensions) of your Agile server . Now the directory shoud contain the jar files  CAXIntegrationServiceExt.jar and XPlmDataTypes.jar as you see in this screenshot:

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