Agile EC3010 MCAD UserGuide-1
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Starting the EC Web Connector   开启EC 网页连接器

Engineering Collaboration is operated from within your CAD system environment . Your administrator will provide you with a startup command or icon that will start your CAD system with the Engineering Collaboration functions enabled.


Starting with release 3.0 , Engineering Collaboration MCAD connectors can work with the PLM Design data model only.This chapter descriptions using EC with the Design data model .

从3.0版本开始,工程协同MCAD连接器只能使用PLM设计数据模型。这章只描述用EC  操作设计对象模型。 

Menus and Toolbars  菜单和工具条

When EC is enabled , you will see either an Agile menu in your menu bar ,and optionally an Agile toolbar . Access to Engineering Collaboration functions is through this menu or toolbar.



 Fully web based , no thick client  , 全部基于web ,没有瘦客户端

No duplication of client functionality ,没有重复客户端的功能

Single sign-on between web client and EC dialogs  在网页客户端和EC对话框之间支持单点登录功能 

EC Web Dialogs  通过Web services 与Agile PLM 进行通信


Saving to Agile   保存到Agile

Introduction   简介

Saving into Agile , using the Agile->Save command ,creates a Design Structure in Agile . This structure stores all CAD design files (parts , assemblies , drawings , etc.) in a way that supports CAD work-in-progress design , and makes the data available to the rest of the organization ,as privileges permit . It will save the current CAD model (whatever is in the active CAD window), including  all lower-level components. 

保存到Agile, 使用Agile->保存命令,创建一个设计结构在Agile .这个结构保存所有CAD设计文件(零件,装配体,工程图,等等) 同样支持CAD在制品设计,以及使这些数据对其他组织可见,在权限允许的情况下。 他可以保存当前的CAD模型(在CAD窗口中激活的不管是什么)包括所有低层的组件。

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