Agile PLM Setting Up EC Attributes and Attribute Mapping
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This chapter includes the following : 这一章节包括以下内容:

Attribute Exchange       属**换

Setting Up EC Attributes and Attribute Mapping      建立EC属性和属性映射

Methods for Mapping from CAD to PLM    从CAD到PLM 映射的方法

Adding Customer-specific Attributes       增加客制化的属性

Changing an Attribute to a Different Base ID  把一个属性修改为不同的基本号码

Controlling Attribute Visibility in EC Client Dialogs    控制属性在EC Client 对话框里的可视化

Methods for Updating Properties from PLM to CAD   从PLM 到CAD 更新属性的方法

Synchronizing an Attribute on a Drawing     在工程图上同步属性

Additional Text Processing    额外的文本过程

Options for Design Numbering  设计编码的选项

Options for Part Numbering   零件编码的选项

File Renaming Options     文件重命名选项

Configuring the Standard Numbering Scenario    标准编码场景的配置

Overview of Design Change Process and Attributes    设计变更过程和属性的概览

Change Process and Revisioning Using Part Workflow   更改过程以及修订版本使用零件工作流

Change Process and Revisioning Using Routing Slips    更过过程和修订版本使用路由单

Additonal Change Process Information  额外的更过过程信息


Attribute Exchange 属**换

Agile EC includes capability for bi-directional attribute exchange between CAD and PLM .

Agile EC 有CAD 和PLM双向将换属性的能力。

In CAD these attributes are typically called "properties " or "parameters" , and represent important textual information associated with the design file .

在CAD 那些属性通常被成为属性或者参数, 表示设计文件中重要的相关信息。

The following capability are supported by EC: 

EC 支持以下的功能:

    Setting PLM attributes for Design objects during the Save process


    1 Based on existing CAD properties

     基于已有的CAD 属性

    2 Based on direct user input , which can also be captured in the CAD file properties 

    基于用户直接输入,也可以获取CAD 文件属性

    Setting PLM attributes for Part objects during the Create Item/BOM process

    在创建项目\BOM 过程表的过程中设置部件对象的PLM属性

    1 Based on existing CAD properties

    基于已有的CAD 属性

    2 Based on direct user input , which can also be captured in the CAD file properties


   Updating CAD properties based on PLM attributes , on demand by the user

   根据用户的需求基于PLM属性更新CAD 属性

   Updating CAD properties based on PLM attributes , automatically during the Save process (some CAD connectors only )

   在保存过程中自动地根据PLM属性更新CAD 属性

  Updating CAD properties based on PLM attributes , automatically during the Load process (some CAD connectors only)

   在加载过程中自动的基于PLM属性更新CAD 属性

   Updating text within drawing title blocks , based on PLM attributes.



Setting up EC Attributes and Attribute Mapping   设置EC属性和属性映射

Before setting up any attribute mapping you must first configure attributes in the Agile Admin client.

在设置属性映射前钱必须先在Agile Admin 客户端 配置属性

 There are two sets of attributes to be concerned with:


 1. Attributes required for the proper operation of EC CAD connectors

     正常操作EC CAD 连机器所需要的属性

  2.Additional customer-specific attributes to be mapped between CAD and PLM using EC

    其他客户特定的CAD 和PLM 之间使用EC 的属性映射

Required Attribute Configuration   必须的属性设置

   The effort involved for setting up the required (type 1) attributes depends on the data model you are using .


    The required attribute values are shown in Appendix B


     Using DocuBOM data model    使用DocuBOM 数据模型

          All EC Document attributes must be manually configured in the Admin client

          所有的 EC 文档属性必须是在Admin Client 手动配置了的

          All EC Part attributes must be manually configured in the Admin client

          所有的EC 部件属性必须是在Admin client 中手动配置了的

     Using Design data model       使用设计 数据模型

          All EC Design attribute are pre-configured on the Design class (see note below)


   All EC Part attribute must be manually configured in the Admin client

           所有的EC 部件属性必须是在Admin Client 手动配置了的

Note  In Agile PLM (and later 9.2.2.x versions) , the Model Name attribute on the Design Structure tab is improperly set as a Text attribute .

提示:  在Agile PLM9.2.2.4 (以及9.2.2x 之后的版本),设计结构标签的文档名称属性设置成文本属性是不正确的

   To insure that all required attributes can be access by EC corretly , it is necessary to check all privileges associated with the specific object classes to make sure that all the required attributes are selected in the "Applied To " list of each privilege.

    要确认必须的属性通过EC 可以正确访问,有必要检查所有与特定对象类别的权限,确认所有必须属性的每个权限都是被应用的

Attribute Mapping Configuration Files   属性映射配置文件

     Attribute mapping involves both the XML (CaxClient_Design.xml or CaxClient_Document.xml) configuration file and the specific connector's INI configuration file , as follows:

     和属性映射相关的文件有 XML配置文件(CaxClient_Design.xml 或者 CaxClient_Document.xml) 以及特定的INI配置文件 ,如下

     XML file:

       Defines a symbolic attribute name which maps to an attribute with a specific PLM base ID

       使用一个特定的PLM 基础号码来定义一个标签 属性名称

       Determines whether the attribute will be visible for interactive entry within the EC Client

       决定属性是否在EC Client 交互实例中可见

     INI file

         Defines the actual mapping between the specific CAD property and specific PLM attribute ,and under what conditions the mapping occurs .

         定义特定CAD 属性和特定PLM属性的映射,并且决定在什么条件下映射发生。

  Defines additional string manipulation to modify the attribute value during the mapping (CAD connector dependent)

        定义  额外的字符串 在映射过程中修改属性的值

XML File Attribute Definition  XML 文件属性定义

      The definition of symbolic attribute names used by EC is performed in the <objectProperties> section of the XML file(basically the bottom half of the file) .

      EC 使用的属性名称标签的定义的具体实现是实在xml文件(基本在文件的中部) <对象属性> 这一段中

       There are three object classes defined in this section as follows:


           <subclass name="FILEFOLDER" type ="55" id=“subclass id” >   --Design subclass

           <subclass name ="DOCUMENT" type="2" id="subclass id"> --Document subclass

           <subclass name ="ITEM" type ="2" id="subclass id" > -- Part subclass

       Either the Design or Document subclassis used in any particular installation , depending on which data model is in use .

       在实际的安装中是使用设计 还是 文档子类 ,取决于使用的数据模型

       The unused section can simply be ignored  . 不用的段落可以简单的被忽略

       The Part subclass is always used .  部件子类是一直要用的

       The way these sections are configured is that for "subclass id " you substitute the desired subclass ID you want to use .

        这些段落被配置的方法是在 子类号 设置你想要用的相关的子类

        For example , for the standard Designs subclass you use 2000008310 , and for the standard Parts subclass you use 9141 .

        举例:为默认的设计子类 你使用2000008310 , 以及为标准的部件子类你使用9141

        Whichever subclass is identified here will be the default in all EC Client dialogs.

       无论这里被定义什么子诶,都会被设置为EC Client 对话框中的默认值。

Note  : Do not change the subclass name identifier in these sections.

提示:  不要修改在这些段落中子类名的定义

           Object subclass IDs are not accessible from the Admin client . 对象子类号码通过Admin Client 是不可访问的

            The CaxClient.log file lists all pertient class IDs for easy access . CaxClient.log 文件列出了所有有关的类名 便于访问。

Within the three subclass sections you will see various "table name " sections which define the tabs for each object class , and within those sections are "attribute name" definitions . for example:

      在这三个子类段落中你可以看见很多 表名 段落 ,为所有对象类定义的标签,并且在这些段落里 定义属性名 举例:

       <attribute name="CAX_CRE_SYSTEM" id ="2007" set ="0" get="1"/>

      The name "CAX_CRE_SYSTEM" is called a symbolic name , and is used by the CAD connector INI file to define attribute mappings(see next section)

      这个名为CAX_CRE_SYSTEM 的被成为标签名,在CAD 连接器的INI 文件中被用来定义属性映射。

      This is NOT the name the user sees in the PLM user interface .


  For example , in this case the UI name is "Design System" which is base ID 2007 .


       For further details see the EC Client Configuration Options chaper in this document .

       查看更细节的内容查看EC Client 配置选项 章节

INI File Attribute Definition     INI 文件属性定义

Each CAD connector has an INI configuraiton file that is used partically for defining attribute mapping:

每个CAD 连接器都有一个INI配置文件,部分被用来定义属性映射

    SolidWorks ,Solid Edge - 3DCADMapping.ini

    Pro/ENGINEER - AcpCustomer9.ini


    Unigraphics NX -Ecu.ini

    These files includes sections for defining the following types of mappings:


     Mapping from CAD to PLM   从CAD 到 PLM的映射

   Attributes to be set for Designs or Documents in PLM , during the Save process


    This is set separately for initial Saves and update Saves  ,这是一个为初始保存和更新保存单独设置的

          Attributes to be set for Parts in PLM ,during the Create Item/BOM process

          在创建项目/BOM 过程中为了PLM中的物件设置的属性

 Mapping from PLM To CAD    从PLM到CAD的映射

        Attributes to be updated from PLM Designs , Documents or Parts to CAD file properties

         为了更新PLM的 设计、文档或者物件到CAD 文件属性用到的属性

          Based on using the Update Properties command , or during the Save or Load commands (not supported in all CAD systems)

          基于使用更新属性命令,或者在保存或者加载命令的过程中(不支持所有CAD 系统)

       Attributes to be updated from PLM Designs , Documents or Parts to CAD drawing title blocks

       为了更新从PLM设计、文档或者物件对象到CAD 工程图标题框的属性

 Here are example of each of the main types of mapping , using SolidWorks:

  这里有使用SolidWorks 的每种类型的映射的例子

   Mapping from CAD to PLM , to a Design object dring the Save process 

   在保存过程中从CAD 到PLM映射一个设计对象


    CAX_CRE_SYSTEM   =3DCADTable.ModelVersion

   This says that the symbolic name CAX_CRE_SYSTEM ,representing a specific PLM base ID per the XML file mapping ,is going to be set equal to the value on the right side (which happens to be a system variable representing the version of SolidWorks)

   意思是一个名为CAX_CRE_System 的标签,表示在XML文件中映射的一个特定PLM 基础号码,设置成等于右边的值

 Mapping from CAD to PLM , to a Part object during the Create Item/BOM process



    DESCRIPTION   = 3DCADTable.Propery.Description

    This syas that the symbolic name DESCRIPTION , representing a specific PLM base ID per the XML file mapping , is going to be set equal to the value on the right side (which is the CAD property "Description")

    意思是一个名为描述的标签,表示在XML文件中映射的一个特定的PLM基础号码,设置成等于右边的值(CAD 的描述属性)

   Mapping from PLM to CAD , from a Design object using the Update Properties command



   Part_Number  = CAX_PART

   This says that the CAD property Part_Number will be set to the value of the symoblic name CAX_PART ,representing a specific PLM base ID per the XML file mapping .

    意思是说一CAD 属性 部件编码的值将要被设置成一个标签名为CAX_PART 在XML文件中被映射的一个特定的PLM基础号

 For further details pertaining to each CAD connector , see the appropriate Connector Administrator section in this document .


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