Agile PLM EC Client Product Structure
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Depending on how your administrator has configured the EC Client , the product structure created by the Create Item / BOM command will be one of four types:

根据管理员如何配置EC Client ,通过创建项目/BOM命令创建的产品结构将会是如下四种类型的一种:

1.Linked Structure - 3D Only    链接结构    仅3D

       The 3D CAD Model Document object (representing a CAD part or assembly ) is linked in the BOM beneath its corresponding Agile Part object . 三维CAD 模型文档对象是与与之对应的Agile 物料对象的BOM关联的

       Someone browsing the BOM structure will not immediately see the 2D CAD Model Documents (representing a CAD drawing), they can be accessed through the Where Used tab of the 3D CAD Model Documents.

       浏览BOM结构的人将不会立刻看到二维CAD模型文档 ,它们可以通过在哪里使用标签 的三维模型文档中访问。

2.Linked Structure  - 2D & 3D     关联对象   2D & 3D

     Both the 2D (representing a CAD drawing) and 3D CAD Model Document object ( representing a CAD part or assembly) are linked in the BOM beneath there corresponding Agile Part object .

      无论是二维(表征工程图)和三维文档(表征CAD 零件或者装配体)对象都被链接在BOM 下面 与相应的Agile 物料对象

     This can make browsing the data easier , although the BOM structure gets more cluttered .


3. Unlinked Structure        非关联对象

     The CAD Model Documents are not linked in the Part BOM at all . 


     Rather , there is an attribute on the Part objects that gives the Document number of the corresponding CAD Model .


    Also there is an attribute on the Document giving the corresponding Part .


    This is not as convenient for navigation , but the Part BOM is much less cluttered .

     这对导航来说不是很方便,不过减少了物料BOM 的复杂度。

4. Relationship linking   关系关联

      The CAD Model Documents are linked in the Part BOM via Realationships .

      CAD模型文档通过关系 与物料BOM进行关联

      This allows the user to navigate to the Relationships tab to traverse over to the other structure .


       Note that this is supported in Agile 9.2.2 and later . 

       提示这个功能在Agile 9.2.2 以及之后的版本支持

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