Agile PLM Create Item /BOM Dialog
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Toolbar options of the Create Item / BOM Dialog

Current Item      Displays the Agile Item that will be assigned when using the Assign Current Item command .

当前项目            显示将要被分配的Agile 项目 当使用分配当前项目 命令时

                         This is set by using the Make Current Item command .   这一步是由设置当前项目命令设置的。

                         The purpose of this is to be able to assign multiple Documents to the same Item.


 Item sub-class   Selector that allows you to pick the default Item sub-class to use for creating the Part BOM in Agile . Typically set to "Part" .

项目子类            允许你选择的默认项目子类,用来在Agile 中创建物料BOM .通常设置为物件

                          Can be overridden in the interactive dialog.   可以被交互对话框覆盖。

Current Change  Displays the Agile Change object that will be assigned when using the Assign to Current Change command .

当前的变更          显示使用分配当前变更命令时使用的在Agile 中的变更对象。

                            This is set either by using the Make Current Change command , or by manually typing in .


Change Sub-class Selector for the Change sub-class to use when using the Create New Change command.

变更子类               当使用创建新变更命令时,用到的变更子类的选择器

Default New Lifecycle Phase   Selector for the New Lifecycle Phase that gets assigned when you define a new revision for an item .

默认的生命周期       当为一个项目定义新修订时被分配使用的新生命周期阶段。

Refresh                Refreshes displayed data from PLM

刷新                    刷新显示从PLM获得的数据

Interactive Switch  When on , all Items will be created in interactive mode.

交互开关             当选中时,所有的项目将使用交互式方式创建

Table : List Fields and Controls

Command                                Description

CAD Object            The CAD filename that is used as the basis of creating the Part.

CAD对象                被用来创建物件的CAD文件名

Number                  Number of the CAD Model(Document) object in Agile.

编号                       在Agile中的CAD 模型(文档)对象的编号

Rev                        Version of the Ducument object. This number starts at 1 and increments by 1 for each check in .

版本                       文档对象的版本。这个号码从1开始,每次签入时递增1.

Change                  Change for the specific version of the Document object . When this is assigned it triggers approval routing.

变更                       文档对象的特定版本的变更。当这个被分配将会触发相应的流程。

Lifecycle Phase     The lifecycle phase associated with the current version .

生命周期阶段         为当前版本设置的生命周期阶段

Description             Description of the Document object in Agile.

描述                        Agile中文档对象的描述

Config                     Indicates the configuration , if any , of the CAD file that is being referenced . Not supported by all CAD Connectors.

配置                        指示配置,如果有的话说明CAD 文件是被引用的。不是支持所有的CAD连接器。

Filter Out                 checkbox column . Is checked when the user does not want to assign the Document to an Item.

过滤                        可选项列,如果被选择表示用户不想分配这个文档给一个对象。

Assigned                Options are :

被分配                    选项

                               blank   Design has not been assigned   .空  设置没有被分配

                               Design has been assigned and the source does not have any structure. 设计被分配,并且源没有任何结构

                               Design has been assigned and the source has structure  .设计被分配,并且源有结构。

Source Rev            Displays the Revision field from the Document object last used to publish the Part BOM

源版本                    显示文档对象最后被发布的物料BOM的修订版本字段

Item Locked           Icon column . If the item is locked  released a stop sign is displayed.

项目被锁               图标列, 如果项目是被锁的发布,一个停止标志被显示

Item                       This field indicates the Part Number:

项目                      这个字段标识物料号

                              When the Part is initially being created , this will display the pre-defined mapping of the Part Number field ,for this item .


                             This can be overridden in the interactive dialog . 这个是可以被覆盖的在交互对话框里。

                             Once the Part has been created , this field will show the Part Number that was used .


Rev                     Current revision of the Part in Agile . Parenthesees indicates a pending revision.

修订                    Agile中物料的当前修订 ,表示一个正在用的修订。

Change              This shows the ECO number that is assigned to this Part , to contorl the Part creation or update through the change process.

变更                 显示被分配给这个物料的变更单号码,控制物料的的创建或者变更中的更新。

Lifecycle Phase   The lifecycle pahase of the current revision of the Item.

生命周期阶段      项目的当前修订的生命周期阶段。

Description          Description of the Part object in Agile .

描述                    Agile 中物料对象的描述

CAD Type          Shows the CAD file extension , which can be used for sorting.

CAD类别   显示CAD文件扩展名,可以用来排序。


Tip: You cnanot use the Create Item/BOM command until you have first used the Save command to save the Design Structure in Agile.

提示: 你不能使用Create Item/BOM 命令除非你先使用保存命令保存设计结构到Agile.

Table : Context Menus of Create Item/BOM Dialog

Command                                         Description

Open Item Form           Open the from of the selected part.

打开项目表单                打开被选中的物料的表单

Oepn Form                   Open the from of the Selected object.

打开表单                      打开被选中对象的表单

Use Existing Item         Set an existing Item to be the assigned Part.

使用已有的项目           设置一个已经存在的项目为被分配的物料

Assign Selected Designs   Assign Parts to all selected Designs.

分配选中的设计           分配所有被选中的设计

Assign All Designs           Assign Parts to all Designs

分配所有的设计              分配物料给所有的设计

Make Current Item          Set the selected item as the Current Item.

设置当前项目                  设置选中的项目为当前项目

Remove Assignment      Remove the existing Part assignment for selected Designs

删除分配                         删除已经存在给所选设计的物料分配

Open Change From      Opens the form of the related change object.

打开变更表单                 打开已经发布的变更对象的表单

Create new Change     Creates a new Change , using the defined Chang type , and assigns selected objects to it.

创建新变更                   创建一个新变更 ,使用定义的变更类别,并且分配选中的对象给它。

Assign to Current Change   Assigns selected items to the Change shown in the Current Change field at the top of the dialog .

分配到当前变更            分配所选项目到显示在对话框顶部的当前变更字段中的变更对象

Make Current Change    Sets the selected item's Change into the Current Change field at the top of the dialog .

设置当前变更                  设置所选对象的变更为对话框顶部的当前变更字段的内容

                                        This is so that you can use it for other objects. 这是为了使其他对象使用的。

Load Items Current Change  Sets the Document to the change object and revision found in PLM

加载当前变更的项目        设置从PLM 中找到的文档到变更对象以及修订

Remove from Change      Removes selected Parts from the change

从变更中删除                   将所选的物料从变更中删除

Set Lifecycle Phase         Sets the selected items to the  current default lifecycle phase

设置生命周期阶段            设置选中的项目为当前的生命周期阶段

Publish Selected Designs   Publish only selected Designs to their corresponding Part objects

发布选中的设计               仅发布选中的设计给他们相应的物料对象

Publish All Designs          Publish all Designs to their corresponding Part objects

发布所有设计                   发布所有设计给他们对应的物料对象。

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