Agile PLM SolidWorks Connector Administration
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Agile PLM SolidWorks Connector Administration

This section provides a complete summary of configuration options available for the SolidWorks connector. 这一个章节描述了一个完整的概要对于如何配置SolidWorks Connector .

Once the basic installation has been done following the instructions in the previous section , you can refer here for detais of all possible settings. 当按照之前章节的介绍安装完后,你可以参考这里的具体设置。

Note that in additon to the configuration files listed here , 注意列在这里的额外的配置文件,

the EC Client must be additionally configured to provide complete operation of the SolidWorks Connector. 要使SolidWorks Connector提供完整的操作必须进行额外的配置。

See the EC Client Configuration Options section for details . 查看EC Client 配置选项章节查看详细内容。

Table : list of all Configuration Files for the SolidWorks Connectors 

表格: 列出所有与SolidWorks Connector 有关的配置文件

3DCADMapping.ini        Mapping and configuration               AgileEC\acw\Server\Scripts


PlmSWAddin.xml           Menu definition                                 AgileEC\acw\Server\Scripts


Note:  Configuration files typically change context between connector releases .

注意: 配置文件一般在Connector 发布时更改内容

When upgrading to a new release , please incorporate your site's configuration settings into the new version to a new release ,


Failure to do so will cause unpredicatable behavior of the connector.

如果失败,会遇到不可预料的行为在Connector 上。

Configuring the 3DCADMapping.ini File  配置 3DCADMapping.ini 文件

When changes are made to the configuraiton file , it is necessary to exit and re-start SolidWorks in order to use the new settings.

Mapping Options for Update Properties Sections -SolidWorks  

更新属性的映射选项 -SolidWorks

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