Agile EC 301 SW Connector Instllation
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Installing and Configuring SolidWorks Connector

The main steps are:  主要步骤

      Extract files from SolidWorks Connector zip file  从SolidWorks连接器压缩文件解压

      Follow the Insturction of Installing the Web Connector  按照指示安装Web连接器

      Edit some parameters in the configuration file    编辑一些配置文件的参数

      Register the SolidWorks integration    注册这个SolidWorks 集成

      Create shortcut to new startup file       创建一个启动文件的快捷方式

      Activate menu Add In in SolidWorks     激活SolidWorks中的按钮

The installation requires the following files:    安装需要一下文件 - Main CAD Connector installation package , where NNNN is the release level 主要的CAD连接器安装包,NNNN代表版本  - Main Web Connector installation package , where NNNN is the release level . 主要的Web连接器安装包,NNNN代表版本

Performing the installation steps described here will enable the Agile menu to appear within SolidWorks . In order to have a completely functional integration , you must also: 完成这里描述的步骤后将会在SolidWorks中出现Agile菜单,要完成所有功能集成,还必须:

      Perform the core Agile configration , as described in the Administration section of the document Agile Engineering Collaboration Client   完成核心的Agile配置,按照Agile 工程协同客户文档中管理节点描述的做.

      Configure desired SolidWorks Connector parameters as described in the Administration Guide . 按照管理手册中的描述配置其他与SolidWorks连接器相关的参数 。

 Attention: The required components are registered from the current location. You must not install xacw on a network location .The Solidworks connector will not work properly if installed on network drives.

提醒:需要的组件是从本地被注册的。不能从网络中安装xacw ,那样SolidWorks连接器会工作不正常

Setting the Java Version

The Web Connector installation contains the necessary JRE(32-bit and 64-bit) .If you are running SolidWorks 32-bit or 64bit you have to check the PATH setting to include the required jvm.dll of the right JRE .


 For a 32 bit SolidWorks application you have to set the 32bit JRE environment into your system path like this:

      set PATH =[inst]\xacw\components\jre6\bin\client;[inst]\xacw\components\jre6\bin;%PATH%

For a 64bit SolidWorks application you have to set the 64bit JRE environment and 32bit JRE environment into your system path like this:

      set PATH=[inst]\xacw\components\jre6_64\bin\server;[inst]\xacw\components\jre6_64\bin;[inst]\xacw\components\jre6\bin\client;[inst]\xacw\components\jre6\bin;%PATH%

 Setup the SolidWorks Connector using the Installer

 The installer checks the local system for already installed components and prerequisites .


  Depending on your system architecture launch the installer for 32 or 64bit . The installer is  launched using the setup.exe located in the  Install directory of xacw .


    ATTENTION: On Windows 7 machines make sure you choose "Run as administrator"

    注意:在Windows 7的机器中,确保你选择了“以管理员身份运行”

    The installer checks the Microsoft C++ runtime environment . In case a component is missing on the local system ,the missing components are displayed . You have to select the Install button in order to continue with the setup.



Now the C++ runtime environments are installed and the installation of EC components starts.


Hit the Next Button and accept the license agreement and hit the Next button again.


 Now select the desired SolidWorks version for Install and hit the Next button. 现在选择匹配的SolidWorks版本点击下一步按钮继续安装。Now the configuration is complete and you hit Install to start the component registration .


ATTENTION: The installer registers the xPLMRootDir environment variable . On some machines a reboot is required to make this setting known in the system .Especially if the Load from PLM command doesn't work , check the xPLMRootDir setting and reboot once after the installation .

 提示: 安装文件会注册一个xPLMRootDir环境变量。在一些机器上需要重启,让系统知道这个设置。特别的如果从PLM加载命令不工作,检查xPLMRootDir 设置 ,安装完后需要重启。

 ATTENTION: After the Installation is complete and you start the Integration or the Addin the first time you may see some alerts from local firewalls. EC establishes a socket connection between CAD and EC Webcomponent . If you see any of the following screens ,make sure  you allow the access . Otherwise EC will not work properly .





 Setting the Workspace Root  设置工作空间根目录

  Open the file <Install Directory>\xacw\components\ini\xacw_ini.bat in a text editor. Here you can edit the for the working directories . The  Workspace Root is set with the following statements: 

 Creating the Agile Menu in SolidWorks   在SolidWorks中添加Agile 菜单

 The integration is loaded into the SolidWorks menu using an Add In . After you completed the installation and registration ,enable the Addin in SolidWorks Menu 。集成是通过加载插件的方法给SolidWorks增加菜单.当你完成安装和注册,在SolidWorks菜单中会看到.

Make sure you check the XPlmSWAddin and you check the Start Up checkbox column。确保你选择了XPlmSWAddin ,并且选择了自动启动.

After startup of the Addin you see the Agile base menu inside SolidWorks:  当插件启动后你会看到Agile 基本菜单:

The About menu will show the required registered components. 关于菜单会显示需要被注册的组件。

The Agile menu is context specific , so there are 3 different menus for Parts , Assemblies and Drawings and shown below. Agile 菜单是上下文件的,所以有3种不同的菜单 零件,装配体,工程图。

 Part menu  : 零件菜单

Drawing menu  ; 工程图菜单


Assembly menu :装配体菜单:


Installating on Additional Computers   在其他机器上安装

 Once the SolidWorks Connector has been installed and configured on one machine you can install on other machines simply by copying the entire <Install Directory>\xacw folder structure. You have to return the registration using the installer or the xplm_reg.bat as described above . This works as long as machines are configured the same in terms of their SolidWorks setup , Java setup ,etc.

 当SolidWorks连接器在一台机器上被安装配置好后,可以过简单的拷贝<安装目录>\xacw目录结构完成其他机器上的安装.你必须用xplm_reg.bat或者安装文件进进行注册。这个工作的时间长短取决于机器的SolidWorks 安装,Java安装,等等.


















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