The term project will consist of a written paper and a class presentation.


Paper Content:

Students are required to complete a 20-25 page case study on an actual logistics system.  The project may be done individually or in teams of 3-4 students.  The subject of the report must be approved by the instructor. 


·                     Choose a company that used logistics strategy as a source of competitive advantage. (For example:  Dell, Southwest Airlines, Amazon, or Borders.)


·                     Choose a company that is having to make changes to its logistics systems because of changes in economic conditions, increased competition, and/or threat of terrorism.


·                     Choose a situation that has extensive logistic implications. (For example, the logistics for the Space Station, the logistics for dealing with the Tsunami, the logistics for supplying US forces with body and vehicle amour.



Each paper should have the following components.

Title page              Include title, student names, and date submitted.

Introduction          Provide an introduction to your topic and a clear thesis statement.  A thesis statement is statement about the purpose of the paper.  A clear thesis statement is an essential part of any research paper.

Background         This section should include the background research you did about the topic.  This is where the majority of your citations will be included.

Case research       This section includes the information gathered from/about the businesses or situation you researched.  If interviews were conducted, at the beginning of the section note names and job positions of the individuals interviewed as well as the dates on which the interviews or visits were conducted. 

Analysis                In this section you combine what you’ve learned in class with the background research and the organizational/situation research you gathered and draw some conclusions.  This is the most critical section of your report. 

Conclusion            Make interesting concluding comments. Don’t just repeat what is in the introduction.  Tell me how you proved/learned something as a result of the project

References            Provide a bibliography of all sources cited in paper.  Only those sources cited in body of paper need to be included as a reference.



Format Guidelines:

·         Paper must be typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial, with 1 inch margins.

·         A clear thesis statement should be included as part of the introduction.

·         Include page numbers.

·         Staple paper in upper left corner. 

·         Paper should be written in APA (American Psychiatric Association) format. 

           See: http://www.apastyle.org/elecref.html 

·         Use headings and subheadings when appropriate throughout the paper.  Main headings should be used to indicate the part of the assignment being covered.  Subheadings should be used to show topical areas within each main part.

·         Any source listed on the References page needs to be cited in the body of the paper.

·         Students must submit both an electronic version and a hard copy.  The electronic version should be emailed to the professor (kraye@mgt.unm.edu) as a Word email attachment.

·         Do not cite your textbook or me as a source.  Information in your papers should be found from other, independent sources.

·         Be sure you have: (a) Title page, (b) Table of Contents, (c) Reference List




I do check papers electronically to see if there was any plagiarism using several of the electronic resources I have available to me.  Any papers found to be plagiarized in whole or part will receive a grade of zero for the entire term project.  In addition, I reserve the right to pursue other sanctions including:  giving a semester grade of ‘F,’ suspension or expulsion from ASM, and even suspension or expulsion from UNM. So please don’t plagiarize, it isn’t worth it. Students needing to review the definition of plagiarism and/or how to avoid it may access http://www.ehhs.cmich.edu/~mspears/plagiarism.html.

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